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Vacuum cooking has become increasingly popular among professional cooks for a variety of reasons. The degree of accuracy obtained by vacuum cooking is impossible to achieve by conventional methods. If you want to know more about this cooking technique and what it can do for your business, we offer you 10 reasons to vacuum cook that will convince you to use it in your bar or restaurant. Discover them!

What is vacuum cooking?

Vacuum cooking is a cooking and preservation cooking technique in which food is sealed in a bag using a professional vacuum packer. Later, the food is cooked in the same bag with precision technologies, such as combi ovens. What is the result? A unique concentration of flavours, textures and aromas in your food.

Low temperature cooking 

To become an expert chef in vacuum cooking, it is important that you know perfectly the temperature-time relationship of each dish. This is because when vacuum cooking, packaged foods are cooked below 100ºC for hours or even days in their own juices, in what is called low-temperature cooking. This offers you two obvious advantages:

  • greater juiciness in meat and fish
  • natural oxidation of food is avoided 


Mychef cocinar vacio envasadoras profesionales restaurantes 10 reasons to vacuum cook in your bar or restaurant  Mychef   cocinar vacio envasadoras profesionales restaurantes10 reasons to vacuum cook

At Mychef we want you to discover the full potential of a technique that is increasingly praised, so we show you 10 reasons why vacuum cooking in your business is a success:  

  1. Maximum control of the taste and texture of food.
  2. Guaranteed uniformity in the core and surface of the pieces of meat, fish or vegetables.
  3. Eliminates the need to reheat certain food areas to reach the desired core temperature.
  4. Allows food to be stored and heated without sacrificing taste, aroma and texture.
  5. Possibility of repeating the same cooking results, obtaining a standard quality in production.
  6. Greater control of the size of the portions, as they can be weighed and seasoned before cooking.
  7. Preservation of food quality and organoleptic properties.
  8. Optimization of processes related to hygiene and food safety.
  9. Reduction of food waste by up to 20%, reducing costs.
  10. Increase in the shelf life of foods, allowing their storage, purchase and production at once.

These are the 10 main advantages of vacuum cooking that you can enjoy in your bar or restaurant. We recommend that you use professional cooking equipment that ensures thermal stability during cooking, such as the Mychef combi steamers and their TSC (Thermal Stability Control) technology. This way, your dishes will always be exquisite. If you would like to know more about this topic or would like to share your knowledge with us, leave us a comment and we will reply to you!