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The new Mychef goSENSOR vacuum packer is a professional unit created to pack comfortably and always obtain the highest quality results. As you know, vacuum packaging is a technique of food preservation widely used in different gastronomic sectors and businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, take away… In this article, we want to focus on the contributions that a goSENSOR vacuum packaging machine offers to your fish shop, its operation and its differences with other vacuum packers on the market.


Vacuum packaging is an ideal technique for preserving and storing fresh foods such as fish and shellfish, which need to be protected from external conditions to extend their shelf life, maintain food safety and facilitate transport. In addition, there are more and more fishmongers that add to their traditional services the possibility of home delivery. If you are thinking of adding a vacuum packing machine to your company, we show you how Mychef goSENSOR works and why it is your best option to vacuum pack fish.

goSENSOR, an ideal vacuum packer for fishmongers

If we want to vacuum pack delicate foods such as fish, we must ensure that the process is as quick as possible, in order to avoid excessive handling. To do this, Mychef goSENSOR has a prominent point in its favor: it works with sensor technology. The vacuum packer detects the chamber’s vacuum percentage, stopping its activity once it has reached the level you have selected. In this way you will avoid the main problem of the machines that work by time, such as choosing long times and that the fish loose its moisture.


Another key point of Mychef goSENSOR that makes it an ideal vacuum packing machine for fishmongers is its optimized control with three buttons, which facilitates its handling. Its use is very simple. You just have to place the bag with the fish or seafood in the chamber and select the parameters:

  • vacuum percentage
  • extra vacuum (optional)
  • sealing time
  • mode of recovery of atmospheric pressure

Once this is done, just lower your lid. Easy, right? It is! In addition, you can visualize the activity that the packaging machine is doing on its illuminated LCD panel, which is a great advantage.


Mychef envasadora vacio pescaderia mychef gosensor equipamiento cocina This is the vacuum packing machine for fishmongers Mychef goSENSOR  Mychef   envasadora vacio pescaderia mychef gosensor equipamiento cocina


Uniform vacuum packed fish productions

Probably in your fish shop you will need to cut up large pieces of fish to vacuum pack and put them on sale. Do you want to be more agile and have practically identical portions of packaged fish? Mychef goSENSOR memorizes the last vacuum parameters used so that when you turn on the device, you can execute them without having to enter them again to obtain similar results.

This uniformity can be achieved both for fresh fish that will be consumed in a few days, and for those that you or your customers will freeze. Thanks to the vacuum packaging technique and the use of appropriate storage bags, your fish will not suffer the so-called ‘freeze burn’. This occurs when foods such as meat or fish lose water when frozen and it crystallizes on its surface, resulting in a dehydration of the piece and a yellowish color. Avoid it thanks to Mychef goSENSOR! This vacuum  is compatible with conservation bags, metallized and embossed, so you can improve your customer service and provide more personalized products according to your needs. Its 4 mm thick seal guarantees perfect maintenance of food qualities.

Also, if you want to marinate fish or other products, with the Mychef goSENSOR Stop function you can stop the vacuum pump at a certain value, achieving the desired result cleanly, quickly and economically. It is a big plus!


Mychef envasadora vacio profesional pescados mychef gosensor This is the vacuum packing machine for fishmongers Mychef goSENSOR  Mychef   envasadora vacio profesional pescados mychef gosensor


Seafood vacuum packaging 

A fish shop’s offer is not limited to fish. Shrimps, lobsters, crabs… are in great demand by customers, but require careful packaging conditions. What can Mychef goSENSOR do about it? Thanks to it you can vacuum pack seafood in delicate shapes without fear of the bag breaking or the food losing its shape. With its Soft Air function, the packaging machine gradually recovers the atmospheric pressure by gently introducing air into the bag. Nothing can resist it!


We hope that with this article you have been able to learn more about the new Mychef goSENSOR packaging machine and its use in fish shops. Below, we summarize its main advantages:

  • Fast: its one memory program helps pack quickly
  • Comfort: its control with three buttons simplifies the user experience
  • Safety: offers a hermetic and seamless seal 4 mm thick
  • Efficiency: prevents food with delicate shapes from breaking during packaging thanks to the Soft Air function
  • Practicality: its compatibility with different vacuum bags allows you to pack fresh or frozen foods


If you want to know more about Mychef goSENSOR and other contributions to a fishmonger, click on this link and discover its full potential. We will wait for you!