Mychef goSENSOR
Practical, competitive vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging in the easiest, most convenient way available with the Mychef goSENSOR. A professional packaging machine especially recommended for businesses that need to carry out daily, trouble-free packaging at a competitive price. Plus, its dome-shaped methacrylate lid means you can work with bulky items.

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Easy, uncomplicated packaging

With its sensor technology, the Mychef goSENSOR does a perfect, trouble-free job whatever food, liquid or material is put in the bag. Just select 3 parameters on its simple, intuitive control panel: the vacuum percentage, the sealing time and the pressure recovery mode.

And if you want to monitor your goSENSOR’s activity, just look at its LED status lights on its display.

Optimal sealing, even in layered bags

The Mychef packaging machine makes a high quality vacuum sealing of bags. A 4 mm thick seal provides strong, secure packaging. Thanks to the unique design of the sealing bar, you can package two vacuum bags placed directly on top of each other, achieving perfect packaging in both bags and reducing your production time by 50%.

Sealing bar

4 mm

Layered bags


perfect results

High production with uniform results

The packaging machine always saves the last used configuration and automatically repeats it for the next packaging, if no change is made to the configuration. This functionality facilitates consistent results and an easy, comfortable user experience.

Real technology to meet real needs

Mychef envasado liquidos goSENSOR  Mychef   envasado liquidos

Liquid food

With the specific liquid packaging program, the packaging machine stops automatically once the ideal vacuum level has been reached. Simply select the H2O option in the vacuum percentage setting and you can forget about monitoring the vacuum process when packaging liquids and foods with sauces.

Mychef envasado formas fragiles goSENSOR  Mychef   envasado formas fragiles

Fragile shapes

The Soft Air function enables a gradual return to atmospheric pressure after sealing so that even the most delicate and fragile foods or products do not lose their shape during packaging.

Mychef envasado alimentos porosos goSENSOR  Mychef   envasado alimentos porosos

Porous food

With Vac+ functionality means you can add up to 20 seconds of additional vacuum once 100% vacuum has been reached. This technology forces the air out of the inside of porous foods, guaranteeing seamless vacuum packaging.



The SCS system always guarantees flawless vacuum packaging, and calibrates automatically, with no user input.
Neither the altitude nor the weather conditions will change the packaging’s quality.

Preventative maintenance warnings

The Autoclean Oil system monitors the time and vacuum cycles carried out and automatically warns when to run the automatic cleaning. During the cleaning process, the packaging machine automatically removes the condensed water released during packaging, thus prolonging the life of the oil and the pump’s durability. In addition, goSENSOR features a tilting aperture system that facilitates component cleaning, oil change and general maintenance.

Non-culinary uses

There are multiple non-culinary sectors where you can use Mychef goSENSOR with complete confidence:


Sanitary utensils are usually vacuum packed to ensure maximum hygiene and avoid direct handling.


The vacuum preservation of chemical substances offers safety and makes them better maintain their properties.


Thanks to vacuum packaging it is possible to store small, high-value parts and protect them from external conditions.


Vacuum packaging small electronic parts protects them from moisture, preventing oxidation.

Mychef goSENSOR professional packaging machine models

Practical, competitive vacuum packaging


goSENSOR S (Pump 8)

Mychef goSENSOR M 10 w goSENSOR  Mychef   goSENSOR M 10 w

goSENSOR M (Pump 16)

Mychef goSENSOR L w goSENSOR  Mychef   goSENSOR L w

goSENSOR L (Pump 20)

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