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Melon with mojito

  • 100 g. melon
  • 250 cl. mojito cocktail
  • 5 g. mint leaves

Open the melon, remove the seeds and cut it into even cubes. Place the melon cubes in a vacuum bag together with the mojito cocktail liquid. vacuum 100% in the iSensor packaging machine and create an extra vacuum to force the extraction of air from the fruit and thus it will be more intensely impregnated.

Through packaging we will apply the impregnation technique, which consists of replacing the air inside the porous products with the base liquid used. This way it is possible to modify its flavor and color when cold, thus maintaining its original, fresh and hydrated texture.


Nail a mint leaf to each melon die. It can be served as an aperitif, as a dessert … This recipe allows multiple combinations with different fruits and liquors or liquids.