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Pina colada cubes with coconut shavings

  • 100 g. natural pineapple
  • 50 cl. coconut liqueur
  • 25 g. dehydrated coconut shavings

Peel the pineapple, remove the heart and cut into cubes of similar size to each other. Pack the pineapple cubes together with the coconut liquor cold with the vacuum sealer iSensor .

Through the packaging, we manage to impregnate the base liquid, in this case the coconut liquor, in the fruit as this is a porous food. If we want to achieve a more pronounced impregnation, we must repeat the vacuum cycles with the Multi Cycle Vacuum function of iSensor.

With the impregnation we manage to change the color and flavor of the fruit while maintaining its fresh and fibrous texture, giving it a new flavor without applying temperature.


Coat the cubes impregnated with coconut liquor with coconut shavings. This recipe can be served in different formats such as tapas, sandwiches, lollipops … This is the technique, the final touch is in your hands.