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Vacuum packing is an ideal conservation technique for all types of food and, above all, essential for fresh foods such as meat or fish. When vacuuming we extract the oxygen that surrounds the food to keep it hermetically sealed in a bag; so that the natural process of oxidation is delayed and its organoleptic properties are maintained for longer. In the case of meat or fish this is vital because these foods require special conditions of hygiene and food safety. Today we share three important advantages that you probably did not know about over vacuum packaging.

Vacuum packing offers guarantees both to diners and to businesses involved in the supply and sale of fresh products such as: butchers, fishmongers, restaurants, supermarkets… But what do we need to enjoy excellent vacuum packing? The answer is clear: a quality equipment. Nowadays, vacuum packing machines are basic for any business related to gastronomy. Since the birth of the first Amanda Jones prototype in the 19th century, this machinery has undergone enormous advances until reaching what we now consider a very practical technology in our kitchens or businesses.

Therefore, if you usually work with meat and fish in your business, we show you the three main benefits of vacuum packing that will improve your production. Discover them!

Mychef envasar vacio carnes pescados envasadora industrial mychef distform Three important advantages of vacuum packing meat and fish  Mychef   envasar vacio carnes pescados envasadora industrial mychef distform

Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of meat and fish

The first great advantage of vacuum packing meat and fish is that thanks to this technique the food maintains its qualities for longer. This means that businesses can reduce their waste and thus save costs. This avoids waste in a butchery, a fishmonger, a restaurant business…

As you know, foods have a recommended consumption date that indicates how long they will be kept in perfect conditions. This duration varies in each case according to the type of food. For example, vegetables have a longer shelf life than vegetables, fruit and, above all, meat and fish. Foods such as steaks, sausages, meat preparations or pieces of fish and seafood require refrigeration and to be isolated from external conditions as long as possible. This is because oxygen and warm temperatures favour bacterial reproduction.

At this point, an essential aspect for packaged meat and fish to properly preserve their properties is the sealing of the bag. This must prevent air from entering or leaving the packaging. With a professional vacuum packing machine capable of making a seal of about 4 mm, it is enough for this bag to be well closed.

Vacuum packaging favors food safety

One of the great concerns of those who handle fresh food such as meat and fish is food safety. If we think about the entire route that this product makes, we will observe that its cutting and transport are important moments in which precautions have to be taken. Maintaining extreme care throughout this process helps avoid food poisoning. How can vacuum packaging ensure food safety? Simply because thanks to the bag, meat and fish are protected from direct contact with hands or other surfaces that may be dirty or contaminated.

A detail to consider if you are looking for a professional vacuum packing machine, is that it is compatible with all types of bags. As this way you can expose your meat or fish, freeze it or cook it with the maximum safety guarantees and with its appropriate packaging. This is the case of the professional vacuum packing machine Mychef goSensor, a machine capable of quickly packing all types of bags, such as:

  • Embossed vacuum bags: these are the so-called domestic bags, the most used and easy to find. These are lightweight bags, which adapt to the shape of the food and are mainly used for parts that are going to be consumed immediately.
  • Smooth vacuum bags: these are the vacuum bags used by kitchen professionals. They are ideal for vacuuming meat and fish, as they are very resistant and can be used for vacuum cooking or freezing packaged food.
  • Metallic vacuum bags: these are used mainly for packaging sliced charcuterie products, seafood or other selected pieces. They usually have a neutral side (transparent) so that the product can be seen and another side with a gold or silver satin finish.

Mychef envasar vacio carne pescado envasadora industrial equipamiento Three important advantages of vacuum packing meat and fish  Mychef   envasar vacio carne pescado envasadora industrial equipamiento

Vacuum packing helps organize the stock

Do you want to keep your stock of meat and fish in perfect conditions and well organized? Vacuum packaging is your best ally! This technique is very useful for storing food in airtight bags, freezing it and organizing it according to your needs by type of product, size, recommended consumption date…

You can also attach a sticker to the bag to clearly identify the product and enjoy more agility when dispatching your customers. Even for jars of preserves or liquids, vacuum packaging can help you enormously to achieve this better organization and use of time and space in your business.

The vacuum packing machine must be compact, compatible with different sized bags and has a powerful vacuum pump to meet the specific needs of your business.

Other advantages of vacuum packing meat and fish

As detailed above, vacuum packaging offers three highly valued advantages for a butcher’s or fish shop: reduction of waste, food safety and organisation. With these three aspects, your business will be even more successful. However, these main points are added to other secondary advantages, but which add up to offering a perfect service to your customers.

Therefore, we would like to close this article by summarizing other advantages of vacuum packing your meat and fish. Pay attention!

  • Maintains the shape of delicate foods: thanks to the Soft Air function of the Mychef goSensor vacuum packer, fragile foods such as shellfish keep their shape during packaging
  • Food does not lose its natural juices: packaging machines that work with sensor technology are precise, preventing meat and fish from losing their natural juices as they do not make more vacuum time than necessary
  • Freeze burn is avoided: by freezing meat and fish inside a bag, the food does not come into direct contact with the ice, so we avoid freeze burn
  • It favours the maintenance of its qualities: the colour, flavour, smell… of the meat and fish is favourably preserved when they are packaged and can be consumed like the first day

Do you want to show us another advantage of vacuum packing meats and fish? If you want to know more about this technique and know the best professional equipment to develop it, contact us and we will advise you!