Warranty Conditions offered by Mychef as a Manufacturer:


Warranty Conditions offered by Mychef Technologies, S.L.U. with Tax Identification Number B72617509 and based in Calle de la Tramontana (pol. Industrial de Torrefarrera), S/N, Torrefarrera, 25123, Lleida (Spain).

Thank you very much for purchasing Mychef Product. We hope that our Product will always provide an exceptional service.

As the manufacturer of the product you purchased, we are convinced of its excellent quality.

This document describes the general warranty conditions that Mychef gives to its own customers, mainly distributors and technicians, hereinafter referred to as Customers.

We consider as Product, Equipment or Appliance, any machine of Mychef range, referring only to ovens, vacuum packers, blast chillers and their corresponding accessories.


1. Warranty period:

The Warranty period for Mychef Products is 12 months for components and spare parts from the invoice date of the Product, being the responsibility of the customer for the skilled workforce  to follow the manufacturer’s manuals and instructions.

This warranty period can be extended to an additional 12 months free of charge only for the Products registered during the first 60 days after the invoice date on the following website:


This extended Warranty only applies to spare parts or components necessary to carry out any interventions on Mychef ovens and vacuum packers.


2. General aspects:

  1. The Warranty is non-transferable and only valid for Mychef Customer, who purchased the Products from Mychef.
  2. The application of the warranty involves the replacement or repair of the component necessary for the correct operation of the equipment, by proving manufacturing or assembly faults on the part of Mychef Customer.
  3. Travel and labour costs for repairs are excluded from the warranty.
  4. Mychef assumes the shipping cost of the components in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and France.
  5. The compliance of the Warranty Services doesn’t involve an extension of the Warranty Period, or a new Warranty Period.
  6. The final customer must inform the technician or distributor about the malfunction within a maximum period of 5 days without delay after finding the defect.
  7. The Warranty does not authorise the Equipment to be inspected or checked free of charge. If during the inspection, Mychef’s official technical department considers that the defect of the existing Equipment is not covered by the Warranty, the End User shall bear the costs of the inspection.
  8. Warranties can only be covered if the invoice showing the delivery date is enclosed.
  9. Additional claims or other claims (such as claims for damages beyond the Device itself) are excluded from the Warranty.


3. Exclusions from Warranty:

Please note that the Warranty, does not apply in the following cases:

  1. There is no warranty that the Product complies with the requirements of the end user or his Customers.
  2. The Warranty will be void if repairs or interventions are carried out by people not authorised by the Manufacturer or if the Appliance has been repaired with non-original spare parts or accessories. Also, used and installed incorrectly according to what is written on the technical specifications and/or user/installation manual.
  3. If during the Warranty period or the extended Warranty period, the end Customer has not allowed Mychef or a representative authorised by Mychef to carry out the necessary hardware or software updates for the Product.
  4. If Mychef Customer has not paid the corresponding purchase price.
  5. If the manufacturer’s serial number has been removed or is illegible.
  6. Failure by the end user or any third party to comply with Mychef’s checklist, installation manual or service/maintenance cycles.
  7. Defects or damages caused by inadequate supplies of gas or electricity with inadequate voltage.
  8. Defects or damages due to Equipment malfunction caused by the accumulation of limescale, salts or rust on its components.
  9. Defects or damages caused by water supply that does not comply with the requirements established by Mychef in the technical specifications and in its user manual. In case of the water supply not complying, the Customer must install a treatment in order to supply the minimum required quality. Quality testing of the water supply just before connecting the oven will be covered by the Customer.
  10. The use of detergents and other cleaning products or preservatives that are not clearly approved by Mychef and specified in the equipment user manual.
  11. The use of non-original Mychef components or spare parts not authorised by Mychef.
  12. Damages caused by the shipment of the Product not notified to Mychef 24 hours after delivery by the Customer.
  13. Normal use of components such as oil, lights, clogged valves, seals, joint strips, door handles, accessories, cleaning pads, as well as damages to glass and other accessories or consumable parts, etc.


4. Spare parts:

  1. The warranty period for Mychef original spare parts is 6 months from the invoice date.
  2. The shipment of an original spare part will be authorised by Mychef’s Technical Support department once it has been proved that it is a manufacturing or assembly defect.
  3. Components under warranty replaced during an intervention by a spare part will become Mychef’s property.
  4. A warranty claim on a spare part can be made on the same terms as Mychef Product, however, the Manufacturer may exclude it if it is found that the damage is caused by another reason than the failure of the replaced component itself.
  5. If it is not possible for the Client to carry out the checklist, the Manufacturer will proceed the following:
  • Shipment of the spare part, the cost and shipment will be assumed by the Client, and it will be credited once the defect has been checked in the factory by the relevant department. If not, no credit will be made. The shipment of the defective component will be at the Customer’s expenses.
  • If the credit is made, the defective component becomes Mychef’s property.


5. Data Privacy Policy:

Personal data that Mychef receives from the final Customers will be included in an automated file owned by Mychef and processed in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data (Organic Law 3/2018, December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights).

These data will be stored and may be used for marketing actions, maintenance notifications, promotions, training or advertising through communication channels such as email or mailing.

The Client can contact Mychef to access their data, rectify them, delete them, request their portability or oppose them, as well as to limit their processing, if needed, through the channels indicated in section 6 of the Warranty Conditions document.


6. Contacting the Manufacturer:

Please read this document carefully, in case of doubt, clarification, complaint or to exercise your rights as a consumer, you can contact the following channels:

  • Mychef Technologies, S.L.U. with N Tax Identification Number B72617509 and based in Calle de la Tramontana (pol. Industrial de Torrefarrera), S/N, Torrefarrera, 25123, Lleida (Spain).
  • Telephone: +34 800 65 43 41
  • E-mail: info@mychefpro.com

Please note that our Technical Support service will still be available after the Warranty period has expired.