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Professional combi ovens are basic equipment in the kitchen of a restaurant, bar or community, as they allow a multitude of dishes to be made efficiently and with uniform results. Thanks to its combination of heat and humidity, it is possible to provide food with a great variety of textures. However, these professional ovens need special care and maintenance to function in perfect conditions over time. In order to keep your professional oven in good condition, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures to prolong its service life.

Do you want to know the keys to extend the activity of your professional oven over time? We show them below.

How to extend the service life of your professional oven 

1. Carry out an adequate cleaning after each use 

A thorough cleaning of your professional oven after each use allows you to keep the equipment longer. As you know once you have finished using it there are often food leftovers inside the cooking chamber which, if not disposed of properly, can damage the material in the same chamber and negatively affect the flavour of the food cooked afterwards. Therefore, you must sanitize this area as much as possible. How to do it correctly? Professional ovens usually have self-cleaning programs that facilitate the process, but you can also clean them manually with a shower tap and non-corrosive detergents. 

It is important that you clean your professional oven not only inside, but also on the outside, as there may be traces of food or other elements that make it difficult to use it later.


Mychef seguridad cocina industrial equipamiento maquinaria limpieza Tips for extending the service life of your professional oven  Mychef   seguridad cocina industrial equipamiento maquinaria limpieza2. Use compatible and high quality accessories

Do you usually cook with probes? These accessories, together with trays or smokers, are necessary to make different culinary techniques with your professional oven. If you want to extend the service life of your equipment, these elements must be made with quality materials and be able to withstand high temperatures and electric current. In the same way, try to use them only for the exclusive purpose for which they have been conceived, so that they do not give compatibility problems or overheating to your professional oven.

3. Monitor the installation and power supply

This point is very important so that your professional oven is cared for and lasts as long as possible. In the kitchen of a restaurant it is necessary to connect  simultaneously multiple pieces of equipment to the electrical network. What is the greatest risk that this action entails for your oven? If you do not take into account the electricity consumption of each piece of equipment, you could cause problems such as a lack of supply or an electrical overload due to a sudden increase in power above the recommended level. To avoid this, try not to connect your oven to an electrical socket where other electrical appliances are already plugged in.

Professional ovens are very sensitive to overloads as they can damage their power supply, a key part in ensuring the electrical supply of the equipment. That is why many ovens have security systems designed to continue cooking at the point where it was in the event of a power failure, as is the NightWatch function of mychef ovens. 

Mychef hornos profesionales cocina restauracion mychef Tips for extending the service life of your professional oven  Mychef   hornos profesionales cocina restauracion mychef

4. Carry out periodic reviews

The most effective way to ensure the good condition of the kitchen machinery and in particular of your professional oven is to carry out, at least every six months or every 2000 hours of use and with the qualified technical service, a complete overhaul of it. This way you will be able to check the state of the different components, such as the door seal or the drainage system (among others) and see if they work correctly. If necessary, you can take advantage of this revision to replace the affected parts, as long as they are original and of good quality. 

We hope that you will for your hospitality business of carrying out these actions with your oven:

• Higher energy efficiency

• Lower electricity and water consumption

• Reliability and durability of the equipment

• Quality food production

• Prevents costly future problems

Do you take other measures to make your professional oven last longer in time? We would be delighted if you could share them with us and send us your queries on this or other topics related to industrial cooking. We will wait for you!